I love a good cup of coffee and one wrote a sitcom pilot based on a cup of tea so when Prezzybox ask it we’d like to try their Self Stirring Mug I was hard pressed to say no.

The mug is large so you can fit a decent sized drink inside. I found the handle to be slightly too large for two fingers and slightly too small for three – your milage will of course vary.
A nice feature of the mug is that it’s insulated, keep teas and coffees warm way longer than I’m used to. This was great as I’m prone to drink coffee whilst working (there’s a dainty espresso cup to the side of my desk right now), and I’ve often taken an absent-minded swig only to content with the stoniest of cold coffees. There’s a lid with a convenient drinking hole on top too so you can have your hot beverage on the go. As with all portable drinking mugs, the taste is a tiny bit plasticky – nothing a strong Americano won’t wash over, but I wouldn’t drink cold water out of it.

The headline feature of course is the little AAA-powered fan at the bottom. Activated by hitting the yellow “stir” button the fan does a pretty good job of mixing things up in your drink, without the motorboat style whirring noise I was expecting. It’s particularly good if you’re making a powered drink – instant coffee or a Cup-a-Soup for example as it keeps things nice and smooth – handy if sometimes you drink slow. It does however prevent you from using it in the microwave or dishwasher. Novelty value aside (I expect more than a few co-workers will be gifted one of these) it’s not a bad mug, especially when you consider its thermal and shatterproof qualities.

The Self Stirring Mug is available from Prezzybox for a mere £9.95