I do love a good pair of shoes. And a good pair of trainers. And if you’ve read virtually anything I’ve written in the past few years you’ll know that my love of A and B is only superseded by my job at seeing both jammed together in new and exciting ways.

Piola is the perfect product for all the ageing men children, digruntledly trudging to work in their stiff and unloving work shoes. Piola is a hybrid between sneakers and dress shoes made with high quality, eco-friendly materials, namely:

  • Natural rubber from the Amazon Rainforest, Iberia Peru.
  • Organic Tanguïs Cotton from Ica, Peru.
  • Premium Italian leather.

Childish, but at the same time incredibly responsible, Project Piola is launching on Kickstarter on March 8. It is an opportunity to set up the first development project to create an elegant footwear line in 33 days for 33 rubber producers.

Want to find out more? Visit Kickstarter or indulge in a couple of videos below.