Both sides of the nerd kingdom were up in arms over Apple’s decision to switch to new lightning connectors. The faithful were annoyed at their need to replace a host of cables and devices and the haters jeered at “yet another” cynical Cupertino cash-grab. Now the dust has settled and both camps of over-emotional individuals have realised that it’s probably not the best use of your life to fight over cables.

Now the dust has settled, Scosche Industries, have lauched two new Apple Lightning accessories – strikeDRIVE (available in both 5W and 12W models) and strikeLINE PRO the first official retractable lightning cable.

We’ve included the relevant details from the press release below:

Scosche’s £24.99 strikeDRIVE 12W is the industry’s first 12W charger for the power hungry iPad 4th generation and iPad mini. It features a three foot coiled cable that provides the freedom to use a device as it charges without tangles and clutter. A low profile design ensures strikeDRIVE fits neatly in most vehicles, making efficient use of the space around the dash and allowing for a clean installation. The 5W model strikeDRIVE costs just £19.99 and will charge the iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th gen) and iPod nano (7th gen) to their full potential.

The retractable strikeLINE PRO cable extends up to three feet and is the perfect solution for on-the-go lifestyles. Priced at £19.99, strikeLINE is the ideal choice for users that already own a USB wall or car charger and need a second Lightning cable for work or travel.

All Scosche Lightning chargers and cables are immediately available from My Trendy Phone