I’m tired of complaining about how quickly my shiny devices batteries’ drain to the point where they’re useless. It’s gotten to the point where I’m sometimes scared to use them, especially if I know I’m not going to be near a reliable power source. The people at thumbsUp are also tired of me whining about this and have released the Dual Power Bank to shut me up.

The Dual Power Bank is a portable USB charger, boasting a massive power capacity of 6600mAh – enough to boost any gadget and more. And despite being a crammed with energetic goodness it’s small enough to take with you on your commute or even on holiday (when I fret the most).

But what if your charger is flat! I’ve neglected my spare battery on more than one occassion but the Dual Power Bank takes care of this with its LCD screen which displays the percentage of power remaining in the unit. The unit includes a USB Cable, a protective pouch and three connectors including micro USB, mini USB and an Apple charger (I’m guessing the old-fashioned 30-pin style connector). To charge other devices, just connect your existing USB cable directly into the unit.

The Dual Power Bank is available from www.menkind.co.uk with an RRP of £39.99.