“What? Another pair of headphones you cry?” Sadly I can’t hear you because I’m wearing a pair of Sol Republic Tracks HD and they sound fabulous.

SoL – “Soundtrack of Life” had invited us to the W hotel (which used to be a nightclub for a hot minute in my day) to launch their brand in the UK. I was expecting 20 minutes playing with various bass heavy tunes, whilst nibbling on tiny goat’s cheese tarts before being summarily dismissed with a USB key. What I was not expecting was an in-depth presentation from Sol Republic president Scott Hicks. Even more surprising was that I was actually interested.

SoL’s ethos is “lifestyle” headphones – one of their co-founders is partly to blame for the near ubiquity of Beats by Dre headphones that have kept the good doctor away from releasing Detox. But rather than overpriced fashion headphones, or the disposable fashion headphones of Skullcandy, SoL had one of those obvious moments of inspiration “let’s make great headphones at a great price”. I know that sounds like terrible marketing patter. But it’s true. The Tracks headphones that I’ve been playing with sound amazing – especially when their price is a mere £100. For someone who listens to music pretty much all day every day that’s a bargain.

The Tracks don’t just sound great – they bring a wonderfully fun “gimmick” to the table. They are interchangeable and literally have to be built straight out of the box. This means that if you break the headband or leads you can easily swap out the cheap parts. You can also swap out these cheap parts for brightly coloured alternatives – of which SoL have been producing many. And the Tracks aren’t built to break – the headband can be bent and twisted without breaking which makes them perfect for throwing into one’s backpack. This is all by the by – I’d never recommend a terrible pair of headphones that had a lovely trick to them but this was a helpful addition to an already great-sounding pair.

We also got a quick play with their high-end Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones, coming to the UK next month. The sound was pretty good but the main thing I loved about them was being able to wear an Over-Ear pair of headphones that aren’t as gaudy as most lifestyle headphones in this range.

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