Seb may love watches but I’ve always been a clock man myself. Pointless though they may be, I do love a wall mounted time piece and have three devices telling me the time by my bedside. So here are a couple of cool clocks.

Big Ben Wall Clock -£14.99 from thumbsUp!
Can’t afford a grandfather clock? Then you, like me, are “most people.” I can however stretch to a Big Ben Wall clock, which attaches to most surfaces and is a fun way to pretend to be sophisticated.


Frying Pan Clock -£12.99 from

If an egg timer isn’t enough for you there’s this frying pan clock, with egg all over its face and cutlery hands.


Clock Safe -£12.99 from

The “security” part of this clock probably isn’t suited for professional use – it’s definitely NSFW – but the Clock Safe is an amazingly cool cubby hole to tuck away items, and is probably the sort of thing people leave half open – just so you know they have it.


Flip Clock -£24.99 from Amazon

This retro classic is perfect if you ever wanted to know the exact time but be confused about the date. “It’s 2:05’… In 1964?” The Flip Clock is available in black and white or pure white.