Are you a cocky young coding hotshot, brimming with ideas about how things would be better if you were in charge? Or are you a brand struggling to keep up with the digital rat race and lacking in the time or resources to do so. Well Rewired Reality wants to play Cupid and hook you guys up.

Founder of Rewired Reality, Emma Mulqueeny, feels the lack of developers is cause for concern, particularly for SME’s, as these businesses don’t have the resources (or the funds) to employ in-house “digital innovators”. There are currently 110,000 unfulfilled IT jobs in the UK, which is expected to grow to 113,000 by 2015.

“Some of the best digital jobs in the UK are going unfulfilled or moving out of the country because we are unable to offer home-grown skilled professionals to fill the vacancies. Rewired Reality plays a hugely important role in redressing this balance.”

Martha Lane Fox, co-founder

Rewired Reality gets creative young developers in front of brands, giving brands access to creative minds that can help turn ideas into reality and giving young upstarts commercial awareness needed to out there.

Sadly they have not plans to put innovative and amusing tech writers in front of TV executives, but that’s surely just a matter of time.

Excited? Want to get out there and strut you stuff? Or browse for fresh young talent. Head on over to Rewired Reality for more.