Native Union’s Switch combines distinctive design with room-filling sound. There’s one next to me right now pumping out Goldies’s Timeless (which unsurprisingly has aged well) and I feel like a classier individual just by dint of sharing a room with it.

Switch is a great sounding speaker with enough nuance to comfortably deal with all the Photek I throw at it. The speaker benefits from very clean design – there’s a discreet flap to hide the USB ports and aside from a little light one side to indicate a connection has been made and a tiny logo on the other it’s really just an uninterrupted chunk of charming.

SWITCH is a true, all-around speaker, complete with an interesting design aesthetic and unsurpassed sound quality for people who are looking for the next big thing in wireless speaker technology.”

John Brunner, managing director, Native Union.

The block design with the chunky volume dial makes the Switch resemble a giant Lego brick – indeed it’s a little bit disappointing that putting lots of Switches on top of each other doesn’t magically construct a train station or castle. The dial is however, smooth and satisfying to use and let’s off a dainty beep when you’ve turned it to the limit. For something so bassy, it’s surprisingly light and the rubberised feel means I’d be happy chucking it into a backpack – although it’s a little bit too big for me to include on every trip.

Hidden behind a rubber flap are an Aux and USB port, as bizarrely the Switch also doubles up as one of the best looking batteries I’ve seen in a while. You can plug in a smartphone or tablet and juice, fresh from the speaker – handy if you’re grooving to tunes in a field somewhere. And if you’re more of a boardroom type you can use the full duplex microphone for conference calls without any annoyed feedback.

It’s a shame that all the elegance comes at a cost – there are no onboard controls so if you want to skip tracks or activate Siri you’ll have to reach into your pocket and access your phone. Like some sort of barbarian.

The SWITCH is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and is available in either rubberised or gloss finishes in a variety of sophisticated colours, including Slate, Bordeaux, Aquamarine, white or black. SWITCH is available online at for £129.99.