Jabra are already responsible for one of the coolest looking pairs of headphones on the market – the Jabra Bluetooth Halo and a really rugged Bluetooth speaker – the Jabra Soulmate. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the two joined forces, look no further than the new Jabra REVO Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

A rugged pair of Bluetooth headphones, the REVOs lack the sophisticated headband look of the Halo but are also far more durable and likely to stay on your head. Which is not the say they are ugly. The smooth understated design is a far cry from the loud and gaudgy on-ears that plague the market. And they are highly functional too. The REVOs are light and are comfortable for extended periods of use. They are also collapsible so they can be throwing into a backpack or satchel without creating too much bulk. Like the much like Sol Republic Tracks HD they are also highly durable and I was happy to bend twist and drop the headset with no remorse. They aren’t quite as modular and replaceable as the Tracks HD but to be fair nothing is.

“Headphones are subjected to a lot of wear and tear so consumers are demanding that they are designed to withstand the rigours of regular use. Jabra’s line of stereo products has been tested to the extreme, undergoing drop tests, bend tests, fold tests, cable tests, dirt tests and more. These headphones are built to last, without sacrificing style or sound quality.”

Anne Raaen Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, Mobile Division at Jabra

The memory foam ear cups are extremely soft and cushy. There’s also a tonne of tech rammed into the ear cups. There’s an NFC link on the one side, which means you can simply tap a NFC-enable smartphone to pair. Pretty sweet. There’s a bluetooth switch on the bottom if you don’t fancy tapping (or are on iOS and can’t) and a cable adaptor if you fancy going wired. The Right cup has turntable-style touch controls. Rotate the dial for volume and tap forward and back to skip tracks. There’s a central button that controls playback and activates voice control or Siri. Plus there’s a dual microphone with agressive noise filtering and DSP so you can make and take calls.

Sound is great except at high volumes when it seems to get a bit washed out, which is probably something your ears will thank you for. I got just under 12 hours listening which is pretty amazing. There’s also an app that allows you to tweak the EQ settings and get Dolby sound but sadly it only works with iTunes and not system-wide audio.

The Jabra REVO Wireless are £199