Jabra make amazing Bluetooth products and I’m a big fan of their Solemate speaker and REVO wireless headphones. However they also make regular garden-variety headphones like the Jabra VOX. Do they have anything new to the party?

Well of course. Why else would I ask such a leading question. The Jabra VOX promise “MASSIVE SOUND” on the box, but I don’t feel this is where their core strengh lies. The sound is pretty good, especially for the price range and if you want normal as opposed to “base-heavy” listening. But the cables are great.
From the reinforced Y-split, to the liquid polymer reinforcements the cables are durable and perfect for everyday use. In the dark days, before I was sent headphones to review, I would destroy countless pairs of headphones, simply by putting them in my pocket or throwing them in my bag. Sure many would come with a carry case (as do the VOXs) but despite my best intentions I would just forget, or leave home in a hurry and before you know it – another dead pair of headphones.

The tangle-free cables are tested to withstand 15 kg of pull force (I’ve lost so many cables to a lot less) and have in-built SnagIt Magnets for easy unwinding when you need to grab them and go – so unwinding intricate coils is hopefully a thing of the past.

Like most headphones the VOX has in-line controls that are great for handling playback and taking calls. The control has three seperate sections all hidden in one smooth body which is a nice touch.

The earbuds themselves have a weird coffee beat design which is quirky and distintive. The three supplied buds work well in my smallish-earholes and I never felt like there was a danger of them falling out – even when I tried a couple of cartwheels.

The Jabra Vox are a great pair of reliable in-ear headphones for all genres of music that don’t rely on earth-shattering basslines.

Jabra Vox: £79.99 from Jabra