We loved the SuperTooth Disco when we had a chance to play with one earlier this year – it manages to be satisfyingly loud without becoming obnoxious. SuperTooth thought they’d double down this year with the DISCO TWIN, another wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings twice as much to the table.

The portable and stylish DISCO TWIN features two 16 watts RMS audio power, double speakers in front and a high efficiency bass reflex system in back. Both units pair together for 32 watts of pure sound and true right / left stereo sound. We love wireless Bluetooth speakers (sometimes it seems like it’s all we look at), but stereo Bluetooth is still relatively rare.

The DISCO TWIN has integrated rechargeable batteries so it can rock out for 3-4 hours non-stop at maximum-volume or up to 10 hours of neighbour-friendly music on just a two hour charge.

Pricing and availability
The DISCO TWIN is available to buy from today in black from Amazon.co.uk and John Lewis Online for £179.95.