“Everything has gone digital, but there is still no substitute for hand drawn sketches, writings, notes or designs. All great apps, websites and products begin with a scribble on a napkin or notepad, and we’ve combined that traditional tool, with the latest in tablet technology.”

Thorsten Trotzenberg, Founder & CEO of Booq LLC

Not a fan of comprimise? The Booqpad mini attempts to let you have it all, and can store business cards, a stylus, pen, cash and other important documents with your iPad mini. The case also lets you jot your musings as each Booqpad mini comes with a blank, 50-sheet notepad made from 30% post-consumer materials and printed with soy ink.

The Booqpad mini’s layout is reversible and symmetrical layout, allowing for easy use by left or right-handed users, with easy access to all ports and buttons.

Available in leatherette or a 100% natural fibre, the Booqpad mini case is available now from BooqBags for £40.