If you’re like me, you watch TV with a studied reverence, utterly transfixed by the screen. In which case we should hang out. If you’re like most people however, you will watch with a second screen – be it a phone, tablet or laptop and casually surf, tweet or somesuch in the middle of the programme.

The SyFy channel is looking to make second screening more productive with a new tablet app Syfy Sync, to coincide with the launch of Defiance, an epic new fantasy sci-fi drama, which premiers tonight at 9 pm.

The app adds to the transmedia experience of Defiance, which has already launched a synchronised MMO game and TV series simultaneously. Available free for iPad and Android tablets, the Syfy Sync App serves exclusive content in sync with the channel’s on-screen action. Much as I dislike second-screening I wouldn’t mind a “that’s the guy from Dennis Pennis” to stop my my confusion during episodes of Game of Thrones. Viewers will be able to unlock extra content, such as behind-the-scenes photos, video clips, polls and quizzes, and take a closer look at key moments from Defiance, as well as connect to Facebook and Twitter chats about the show.

Defiance starts on Tuesday 16 April (tonight!) at 9pm on Syfy