The new Scosche REALM RH656m headphones sound great, and more than justify their £80 price tag. Despite their lightweight construction they are sturdy enough to survive the unintentional battering my hectic lifestyle put them through.

Packed inside are 40mm drivers that perform well across the board across a range of genres (the REALMs accompanied me on a journey through the Flaming Lips back catalogue). The headphones also boast wound copper voice coils and neodymium magnets for accurate music reproduction and sound was much crisper than some of the muddier bass heavy headphones I’ve come across.

There’s also tuneQ, Scosche’s free graphic equaliser app, but like all apps that headphone manufacturers bundle with their wares, it doesn’t work with Spotify, Bloom or any of the other alternative music sources on iOS devices so it’s of limited value. However, there is a tapLINE III remote included on the cable so it’s easy to take calls and control music playback.

The REALM is held together by a faux leather headband that I do not like the look of, although I will freely admit that it is comfortable. The actual metal of the headphones is very, very solid, although it does lead the ear cushions to be a bit rattly when you’re moving the headphones about, which lead to an artificial worry about damaging them. It also means you can’t fold them down, so they do take a up a fair bit of backpack space.

The ear cushions are actually cleverly designed to seal your ear canal and isolate ambient noise. They are also constructed from memory foam that soften according to body heat so they were fine to wear over a long period of time.

Available now in black or white from for £80.00.