I’m a neat guy, despite what my beard my lead you to think. So I always love when I get the chance to play with vacuum cleaners. And fortunately I live the sort of life where that’s more than possible. I recently got to try AEG’s new Ultrapower, which is one of the cooler cordless cleaning units that I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The first thing you notice about the Ultrapower is the design – it’s far more stylish and hi-tech than a vacuum cleaner has any right to be. I love that it’s self standing and I leave mine in the corner of the kitchen, ready to attack crumbs at a moment’s notice.

It cleans for up to 60 minutes on one charge (4 hours), long enough to easily clean your whole house without having to recharge (a booster battery pack is available if you want to double the cleaning time – maybe you have a really big house).

The Ultrapower has really powerful suction. It’s dinky but you could technically clean a whole house with one of these. There is a 3-step power control with booster function so you can get quite aggressive with your dirt busting. It definitely excels at going into hard-to-reach spaces, and the flexible floor nozzle jumps into nooks and crannys with aplomb. Even better the Ultrapower packs three headlights so you don’t miss spots.
There’s an easy to clean bagless, cyclonic system at the back so maintenance is a breeze.

AEG were keen to stress the BRUSHROLLCLEAN technology – basically a clever separation bar that removes fibres and hairs from the brush roll, saving you from cleaning the brush roll and preventing frequent clogging.

If you need a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner, the Ultrapower is one of the swankiest on the market.

AEG Ultrapower AG5012

RRP £229.99

Colour:Deep Blue