I love a good coffee and have way too many cups a day. I’m also slowly turning into a coffee snob – a far cry from my university days were I would mix Tesco value instant coffee and Tesco value cola and not sleep for days (I don’t recommend this. Especially if you want your essays on the Dream of the Rood to make sense).

Arömo promise “espresso made easy” and enable you to get great tasting espresso blends delivered to your door via their website.

They sent us a packet of Bounce espresso beans to try and we were pretty impressed. There’s a monkey and busty lady on the packaging which were incredibly offputting, so it speaks to the quality of the coffee that writing a positive review. I’ve panned things for much less.

Bounce is a 5 strength 100% Arabica, great for whipping up an espresso, cappuccino or latte. The smell is rich, the crema is thick and the taste is great. It’s not quite the “he’s not really your son” slap in the face you want at 5 in the morning but it’s a very good mid-morning or late afternoon coffee. It’s definitely a step above the sort of thing I’m used to finding in my local supermarket. Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and Sumatran Mahandeling are doing all the heavy lifting, although my tastebuds aren’t quite sophisticated enough to pick this out – I blame the Tesco coffee and cola mixes.

For more info head to arömo.