Cresyn sent us some headphones, that promised to be sick and dope and have Street Creed. Much like Mc Mr Napkins.

The CS-HP500s have a cool little twisting folding action so they can be safely stored away in a backpack. The pads are comfortable on the ears and and there’s padding on the headband as well to keep things cushy. The earpads have a cool reflective convex surface, which is distinctive and fun to peer into. The CS-HP500s are available in three colour options: white; black; and black with a central red accent at the back of each

Inside are large 38mm drivers that do a decent job of reproducing sound. They do tend to boost the bass a little so will probably anger a true audiophile. But if you want to jam along to Truth and Sound by Fishbone (and you should, it’s fantastic), they do a really good job without muddying the waters. They also do a really good job when listening to Mannish Boy.*

It’s hard to complain about the CS-HP500s. They look fine, fold up neatly and sound as good as headphones that cost two or three times as much.

Out now for just £29 from

£29.99 inc. VAT.

*This is a classic track by Muddy Waters. And a classic Shem “joke”. If only he came with footnotes in real life he’d be less insufferable.