I’m not the most stylish of people. In fact the student body of my 6th form voted me the worst dressed person. And I don’t think they specified “in his year”. Or “in this school”. Then again I did once wear bright red jeans that Coca Cola gave away for collecting ring pulls. And I had an unironic Mr T style haircut. So maybe they had a point. Fast forward to today and I’m still pretty badly dressed. But I have the power to change all that, with bold fashion statements like the Zip Earphones.

Zip Earphones are headphones styled as a zip. Perfect for watching this over and over again.

Having this job means I know that this season’s must-have colours are bright orange and neon pink. Wouldn’t you know that those are the exact same striking colours that you can get Zip Earphones in. You can also get them in black. Or as it is referred to in the world of fashion “classic black”.

The sound is average – these aren’t high end headphone classics. But they are useful (beyond merely looking cool). The zip design means they don’t get tangled. I’ve thrown them into a snake pit of cables and they’ve emerged unscathed. I’ve thrown then into my backpack many times with gay abandon with no lasting consequences.

They’re also stupidly long. It’s perfectly possible to keep your music player in your bag and then just snake the cable out to your ears. You can easily tailor the length to suit just by using the zip. And you can zip things up into one long cable for when you’re on the go.

Zip Earphones only £12.95