Since acquiring an iPhone, I have largely left my DSLR in its bag and only really taken it out for special occasions and overseas trips. I love my adventures in iphoneography, but I really feel that I should be getting the DLSR out of the bag more often and learning how to use it better. These workshops certainly did the job and have gotten my re-enthused about taking proper photos.

First up, De-Mystifying Photography. Presented by experienced photographer and lecturer Michael Wayne Plant, this workshop covered the differences between DSLR and SLT. Hang on a second – what is an SLT camera? Well, I now know that it’s a ‘single lens translucent’ camera and that it’s a lot quieter than an SLR camera. Mr Plant also gave some tips on creating your own style of photography and solved the long unsolved mystery (for me, anyway) of how to read histograms.

Next up former England basketball player and shoe shop owner Magdi Fernandes. Entirely self-taught and brimming with enthusiasm, Magdi gave an inspiring presentation on how to get paid. He also gave useful tips on how to work as a photographer on a budget in the meantime. Plus there were lots of pictures of shoes, this being one of the more famous.

Finally, a presentation on full frame cameras – something entirely new to me. Nigel Atherton, Editor of What Digital Camera? and Richard Sibley, Technical Editor of Amateur Photographer, showed us some impressive, relatively noise free images shot at ISOs of 12800 and 25600. I’d never heard of the Sony RX1 before these workshops and now I want one. I can’t afford one, but I want one. Well done Sony, well done. They said I would be inspired by a masterclass and I certainly was.

The masterclasses are on at Somerset House on Saturday 27 April and Sunday 28 April at Somerset House. If you can’t make it to the workshops, get inspired by the World Photography Awards, also at Somerset House until May 12, 2013.