My iPad goes almost everywhere I do, accompanied by a protective case, headphones and screenwipes. I’m by no means a neat freak but it is a little disheartening every time I pull out my sparkling retina display, to have to wipe endless grubby finger prints away.

3M feel my pain and sent me a 3M Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protector for iPads. The Fading Screen Protector is a durable film you have to carefully apply across you iPad screen, which then promises to keep the “out of the box” new feeling it had when you first bought it.

It’s a simple product but out of the box it’s clear that this isn’t your bog-standard screen protector and that a lot of thought has gone into the details. There are four separate parts – the screen protector, a lint-free cloth, a cardboard edge to smooth out bubbles and an alignment application strip. They’ve basically gone out of their way to ensure you can’t get it wrong. Weirdly this made me slightly more nervous about applying the surface but one I got things up and running it was very, very straightforward and took minutes to apply.

Once the screen was applied you could barely notice it was there and I was happy to run a key across the surface with no damage to the screen. I also passed the screen to some filthy-fingered kids (I know, I’m brave) and was delighted to see that their fingerprints did fade over time.

3M Natural View Fingerprint Fading Screen Protector for Apple iPad – £17.99

From 3M