Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to be a flabby mess of a human being. In fact some of biggest geeks out there are elite parkour practitioners – training day in and day out to perfect their spiderman impression. So in keeping with post-Christmas tradition we thought we’d look at a few fitness gadgets.



Philips Avance Juicer: King of the Juice

Healthy living really isn’t rocket science and one of the basic tenants of modern day “wellness” (a word that ironically makes me feel queasy) is to eat properly. Enter Philips with the Avance Juicer, a simple way to get more of “the good stuff”.

The Avance Juicer features an XXL feeding chute which means you can throw in a whole orange or apple without cutting first – in other words it’s an incredibly lazy way to get into healthy living. The powerful 800W motor means you can put the whole fruit (including Skins and cores) and collect juice on the other end. You can make up to 2.5 litres of juice in one go so your juice needs should be pretty adequately catered for.

Washing up is a pain but the Avance Juicer is also one of the fastest and easiest juicers to clean, with its fancy quick clean sieve. So hopefully this should reduce your excuses to cut down on some elements of an unhealthy lifestyle.

And if you needed any further motivation it comes with a free book, from Jason Vale author of ‘7lbs in 7days the super juice diet’.