The problem with having a house filled with lovely gadgets it the constant feat that someone might pilfer them. The solution? More lovely gadgets! D-Link were kind enough to lend us two wireless security cameras – the DCS-933L and DCS-2332L that helped us keep an eye on anyone who might be eying our stuff.

The DCS-932L Day/Night Cloud Camera is the dinkier of the two and comes in neat white plastic housing. It was fairly effortless to set up – although anything that requires an installation CD these days immediately strikes me as incredibly old-fashioned. Once you’re up and running via Ethernet you can hook up to your Wireless N router and place the camera anywhere around the house. Picture quality is limited to VGA and stored in MJPEG so it’s not stunning but sufficient for basic monitoring. The night vision is excellent and the camera did a great job of monitoring my dark hallway corridor.

The DCS-2332L Outdoor HD Wireless Day/Night Cloud Camera is a much fancier affair. The antenna alone is a good sign that this security camera means business. All the ports are sealed so it’s great for outdoor monitoring in terrible weather conditions. The night vision and motion detection are also great – but the resolution is much better than the DCS-932L as it can record in 720p. There’s a 16gb SD card included but you can also record straight to a NAS. Both cameras include a built-in microphone but the DCS-2332L has a built-in speaker too so you can holler “get off my land” to you heart’s content.

DLink also created an iOS app that you can use to monitor both camera feeds from anywhere in the world. The app was recently updated and has become even more useful – allowing you to configure sound, and motion detection settings on the fly.

For more information head to DLink