Apple’s switch to Lightening dock connects stemmed the once irrepessable tide of iPod docks that once flooded my inbox. However, my respite was brief, when recieved a mail informing me that JBL has launched the JBL OnBeat Rumble Bluetooth loudspeaker with Lightning dock.

However, it does look to be a pretty great speaker, packing 50 watts of power and an oversized, down-firing subwoofer. Like all good modern docks, the OnBeat Rumble connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet for Bluetooth streaming. However, what sets the OnBeat Rumble apart is HARMAN’s exclusive TrueStream technology to guarantee high quality sound.

The feature I’m most interested in is the ability to split audio. Used in conjuntion with any of the DJ apps you can play a track to the crowd and cue the next in your headphone output which is pretty great.

The JBL OnBeat Rumble has a price of £259.99 and is available from and Amazon UK from 13/5/13