“I can’t dance … it’s not in my DNA”

“Oh yeah?”

The unnamed antagonist walks behind a soft and pulls out the Spiral Helix (£99 from Menkind.co.uk and RED5.co.uk)

“Then what do you have to say about this”.

The unnecessary aggressive about dancing antagonist flicks a switch and the spiral starts to spin silently to it’s own rhythm, its blue and red LEDs twinkling with mystery.

“… oh I guess you’re right. I can dance”

The protagonist lets his hair down, kicks off his shoes and before long is doing the Wop. Smoke, lights and movement fill the room and the scene slowly fades, gradually replaced by a proper article.

The mains powered LED Spiral Helix ‘dancing DNA’ can either be attached to a normal light fixture via its E27 adaptor (screw-in attachment) or connected to a platform base (sold separately), allowing it to be set up as a free-standing feature lamp.The captivating twirl is initiated by a small motor boosted every 63 seconds – between boosts the tendrils are left to rotate into countless enchanting patterns via their own kinetic energy.

Retailing at £99.00, the Spiral Helix is guaranteed to add visual impact, originality and personality to your designer space.

The Spiral Helix will be available for purchase for £99 in mid-July from Menkind.co.uk and RED5.co.uk