Most mornings I have coffee crankin’ through my sys and over the years have accumulated a range of associated coffee paraphernalia, including two filter coffee machines, espresso maker, grinder and French Press. I also have precious little kitchen space. However, Hope & Glory were kind enough to lend me their new pod-based coffee machine, so I cleared my kitchen top and tried life with an automatic coffee machine.


The first thing you notice about the machine is the pure bulk. The lovely, almost industrial design dominated my kitchen top and it’s not a dainty machine by anyone’s standards. It’s pretty easy to set up, with minimal reference to instruction manuals. There are two water filters for the water tank, which prevent the build-up of limescale. This is all neatly encased around the back in sturdy metal housing. The front of the machine is fairly simple, with on/off buttons, coffee and steaming options and lights that let you know when the right temperature has been reached.

Below the drip tray is a handle that you use to seal in the pods. You need to make sure this a tight fit (adjusting via the included allen key) otherwise coffee will leak all over your kitchen top. It took a few goes to get “just right” but once you’re there everything else is uncomplicated. I really enjoyed the handle and the slight bit of force needed to get it into place. It helped provide a slight mix between the one button simplicity of coffee capsule machines and the rolled-up sleeves and hands dirty nature of a traditional espresso machine.

Of course coffee machines are nothing with coffee and the range of pods tasted great, including flavours such as Mocha Mysore and Brazilian Bourbon. If you’re a fancy coffee drinker you can used the included steam wand to make cappuccinos, flat whites and macchiatos. Hope & Glory also sell a starter kit that includes a milk frothing jug, milk thermometer and some cups.

Available from £349 in red, blue, yellow and silver Hope & Glory.