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Sometimes decisions can be hard. Whilst tablets are clearly the future, every so often I run into a situation where I'm shaking   my fist at the sky and cursing the post-PC world. But at other times I'll use a laptop and feel like a tech-dinosaur, noting all the superfluous features that I'm not using and the clunky operating system that is more often than not getting in the way of actually getting stuff done. Writing articles such as this is great on a tablet. Editing videos is something I'd still rather do on a regular computer (for the moment). Fortunately the rapid pace of change is slowly merging these two devices to the point where you need to compromise less and less. 
Case in point is the new HP ENVY x2 a tablet that moonlights as a fully functional laptop. HP haven't simply attached a keyboard to a tablet, nor have they removed the screen from a laptop, instead attempting to create a device that provides both experiences. The Windows 8 Laptop carries a vivid HD Touch display which can be slipped off when you need to live the light, portable tablet lifestyle. There's a battery in each device so performance is reliable in either mode and with an 8.0 MP camera, 1080p Full HD resolution and bright touch display you're not.
But what do you think about all this hybridisation? Is the HP ENVY the future of ultraportable computing? What changes need to be made to OSes before they can comfortably play on both sides of the fence? What gaps do you find in tablets that they need to bridge before they can supersede laptops (I'd happily make music on a tablet but I'm reticent to edit video)
Let us know in the comments!