Dapper chap? Tired of scruffy sacks. Just an all around classy fellow. Then Jill-E’s Bennett Leather Messenger Bag has all you are looking for and perhaps more. I got to cart one around for a week or two and was amazed at how many “oooh nice bag” remarks I received. Apparently people hated my old bag.

There’s an easy access zip pocket at the front that can store loose change, or small items such as cables and USB keys (all of which are actually slowly becoming obsolete). I love the magnetic clasps on the front. Feels very tradition – like a satchel from the days of Just William, but the addition of magnets is a nice touch and the sealing click is reassuringly solid.


Inside the Bennett Leather Messenger Bag are all the pockets you could want in a bag, with a couple extra thrown in just in case. There’s a padded laptop ares, helpfully demarcated with a blue laptop symbol and a tablet area just in front with the same, in case you happen to travel with both. They’ve also allocated somewhere for your phone, pens, and random object of you choosing. There’s also an internal zip to complement the one on the front flap. There’s an open pocket at back for loose documents and such. If you every feel the need to dramatically wave a fist full of papers in a persons face then you can store them here.

The strap is solid yet comfortable and I happily strolled around London town for hours without any noticeable discomfort. Jack has solid little leather feet at its base so it can, with the right combination of contents, stand freely.

Jill-e Designs operate a Bag Registration and Recovery Program so if you do let your precious little one out of your sight there’s a chance it could work its way back to you.

The Jill-e Designs 15″ Bennett Leather Messenger Bag is available exclusively from Apple in black and brown for just under £270.