I usually use in ear headphones when I go running or when I don’t have a lot of space in my bag. The noise cancellation Quiet Comfort 20 in-ear headphones are very effective! I tried them out at a Bose demonstration where I was sitting next a speaker pumping out 85 decibels of noise and all I heard was the music coming from my headphones. I thought it would it would probably not be a good idea to go running with these. But the demo guys from Bose were not finished. The QC 20s also have a nifty “noise aware” feature that allows you to continue listening to music so you don’t have to remove your headphones to give a tourist directions or catch that tfl announcement about why your train has just stopped between stations. If you do go running with them, they’ll stay put thanks to proprietary StayHear+ ear tips that are surprisingly comfortable. Designed specifically for smartphones, the QC20s come in two versions – one for iPhones, iPads and iPods and another for Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.

Being Bose, they don’t come cheap. These earbuds have more US patents than any other Bose headphone ever made and will set you back £259.95. Available to pre-order from Bose UK.