It’s fun to make Panoramas on your smartphone, but no matter how hard you try it’s impossible to get all the little images to line up exactly without the kind of equipment you’re unlikely to be carrying around on your holidays or day trips. Bupplepix, the UK-based company behind the BubblePod, has launched the gadget as a project on Kickstarter. The lowest £15 pledge is no longer available, but you still pledge £20 or more for the gadget.

The BubblePod grips and rotates your smartphone and the accompanying free BubblePix App uses your phone’s camera to capture perfect hi-res 360-degree images. Pete Corke, Head of Business at BubblePix, explains: “The BubblePod keeps the rotation exactly level, and uses multiple high-resolution frames for perfect full 360º every time. We want to make it easy for people to have a high quality images without breaking the bank.”

The universal silicone grip holds a variety of smartphones and is lightweight and portable. The base also features a wine bottle insert mount so you can capture “round the dinner table” shots. The app can also record an audio clip. The BubblePod doesn’t need batteries and has a simple wind-up one touch operation. Shipping is expected from September 2013. Pre-order on Kickstarter.