The Brunton Ember should be renamed “the thing that never leaves my side”. The tiny (smaller than an old C90 cassette tape) device harnesses the power of the sun to store energy to charge your power hunger tablets, smartphones and other such devices. There’s not much more too it than this but Brunton have done a great job of making sure the Ember does everything you need it to with zero complications. The Ember is robust with water-resistant housing and I loved the power gauge and automatic shut off. The power gauge was especially handy as when it was running low on juice I could pop it out and leave it to top up in the sunshine. The 3-in-1 interlinked chain of adapters – USB cable houses mini, micro and old-fashioned Apple connector – is super handy as you can charge most things – the obvious exception being Apple’s Lightning port but I’ve taken to carrying an adaptor for that anyway.

Yours for £70 from Blacks

Battery storage: 2800mA
Output: 1000 mA/ 5v (USB 2.0 compatible)
Solar panel: 100 mA
Dimensions: 3.5×2.5x.75”
Weight: 141g