There’s big screen TV and then there’s the wall-sized splendour that the world of projectors makes available to you. I got a chance to play with the Viewsonic Pro8200 and thought I’d experience the last few episodes of Game of Thrones in Full HD on my wall.

The Pro8200 is easy to set up and without ever once referring to the manual I had 1080p dragons on my screen in minutes. The Pro8200 has brightness of 2,000 lumens so you can easily watch shows during the day time without dimming your room completely. The included remote has a number of settings such as Home Theatre, Dark Room and Ultra Bright so it’s easy to get the best performance without having to resort to intense tweaking. That said I did find some super dark scenes to lose fidelity without fiddling with RGB settings so if you lot a lot of darkly lit, intense psychological thrillers you make want to invest 2 minutes into refining your set up.

Connectivity is a breeze. There are all sorts of PC monitor and component inputs, but for the average Joe the double HDMI inputs should keep you happy. The unit is a little on the bulky side, but not obscenly so and can happily sit on the average coffee table. I did find that it ran a little noisy – not really noticable if you have it hooked up to a sound system but it did become apparent when I played a few presentations via a laptop. Thankful it’s not loud enough to prove a distraction.

The included carry case is nicely padded and handy if you want to take the projection party on the road. The Pro8200 is great for viewing films but also pretty great for video games, so if you wanted an epic Mario Kart Battle at your friend’s house you’d be all set.

For just under £650 it’s a great way to super-size your viewing experience.