I literally don't leave the house without a pair of headphones as I loved to be plugged in – be it to great music or an engaging podcast. Sometimes it's just nice to be about to shut out the world around me and forget that I'm on the tube, or waiting in an airport/bus stop. 

Of course there are different headphones for different occasions and the beauty of Sony's newest range of Headphones is that they have eschewed a "one size fits all" approach and brought Sony-level quality to headphones for a variety of usage cases.
Commuting? Sony's noise-cancelling range remove external distractions and help your really focus on what's being said, sung or strummed. I love these (when I'm not cycling obviously) especially as I'm often surrounded by inane conversations. 
Love working out? Sony have a range of close-fitting Headphones that keep your cables from getting tangled in clothing, limbs or gym equipment. Their sports range are all designed with movement in mind so are hard to dislodge. I spend a lot of time cartwheeling and have had countless pairs of headphones run flying from my ears. Sony apparently have people such as myself in mind and have tested their sports line on a human gyroscope, the type used by NASA to train astronauts. They also have sweat- and splash- proof designs to keep you headphones safe as you hit the streets. 
Love bass? I've have a long standing love affair with Sony's DJ Headphones – they were the first "proper" headphones I purchased when I had a real job and they're still the first pair I reach for when I'm spinning a set. The new MDR-1 headphone range not only sounds great but is also incredibly comfortable – really useful if you're going to be playing for hours. 

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