Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to be a flabby mess of a human being. In fact some of biggest geeks out there are elite parkour practitioners – training day in and day out to perfect their spiderman impression. So in keeping with post-Christmas tradition we thought we’d look at a few fitness gadgets

Price: £19.99



Knowledge is power. And in the war on waistlines it’s really important to keep track of what you weigh in order to chart your progress (or more realistically acknowledge your failure).

The ultra compact digital body scales can pop into any medium-sized manbag or backpack. They’re ideal for crazy people who are constantly weighing themselves. Or people with tiny bathrooms.

I was a little worried about putting my full weight on something so tiny but apparently they can withstand a maximum weight of 150kg/330lbs in any one weigh in.
Had the complexity of your traditional bathroom scales? No didn’t think so. Regardless these have an automatic switch on/off button for ease of use – so all you have to do it gently step onto the scales to activate. The bright red LED numbers will then illuminate in the centre of the device, giving a steady, clear reading when the ‘beep’ sounds after a few moments.