If you’ve ever wondered “do I need a personal weather station” then the answer is probably no. I’ll be the first to admit that the Netatmo falls on the “nice to have” side of things in my house rather that the “can’t live without essentials”. But it very nice to have.

Out of the box the two sleek aluminium cylinders scream “fancy technology”. And indeed they are. The easy-to-setup tubes contain all manner of sensors to detect C02, humidity and air quality both in and outside of your house. There’s one battery-powered outdoor sensor, that can be screwed to a wall of affixed to a post of some sort. Bizarrely for an outdoor device, it’s not especially weather proof and needs to be sheltered from storms and such. You can hook your external module to Netatmo’s Urban Weather Program, creating a wider network for weather data monitoring and pooling to help meteorologists, environmental activists, scientists and people living in urban environments gain a better understanding of the city climate landscape.

The indoor module is USB powered and doesn’t need as much pampering. Additional modules have just recently become available so you can dispense them throughout your house at £59 a pop. The system can handle up to three additional modules.

The system is easy to get going and is monitored via a web interface or a pretty snazzy iOS app. It’s easy to see what the weather forecast is for the next few days, and it would be nice if you could replace the default iOS weather system (although this is a system fault and nothing to do with Netatmo).

Internally, things get a lot more interesting and you can see things like humidity, noise levels and CO2 levels – at that moment and also over time. I live next to a building site and school and it’s really obvious when both of those things kick in. But it’s also useful (and a tad scary) to see how high internal CO2 levels get at times. The system pings alerts over my phone so it’s helpful for taking control of your wellbeing. If you spend a lot of time at home, and especially if you work there, the internal monitoring make the Netatmo Personal Weather Station worth looking in to.

Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station is now available for £139 at www.netatmo.com. The Netatmo App is available for free on the App Store for the iPhone version, and Google Play for the Android version.