Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to be a flabby mess of a human being. In fact some of biggest geeks out there are elite parkour practitioners – training day in and day out to perfect their spiderman impression. So in keeping with post-Christmas tradition we thought we’d look at a few fitness gadgets

Price: £39.99

I cycle in London a fair bit and it amazes me that I’m not dead yet. Even when you are pootling along on a Boris Bike cars, trucks and buses can make the road a frightening place.

A little gadget to make things a tad less scary is the Bike Signal Pod, a simple and intuitive wireless indicating system that allows cyclists to focus on the road while signalling and turning. I’ve spoken to enough motorists to know have infuriating, not to mention dangerous is can be when cyclists just pull out in front of them. But I also know that signalling can be hard and hazardous at high speeds on certain junctions.

To set up the Signal Pod simply connect the wireless control unit to the handlebars, and attach the Signal Pod light unit to the seat post. Then, during cycling, tap the control unit to transfer and display signals to the rear of your bicycle. The extra-bright LED light display allows you to indicate left and right clearly, with an extra hazard light option at your disposal. Audible beeps accompany the visual indicators, allowing you to alert nearby pedestrians at the touch of a button.