I’ve just learned how to drive and it’s great but it’s not the joyful zigging and zagging I’ve envisioned. It’s mostly circling backstreets looking for parking. If you want to zip around like a manic safely why not try the Bluetooth controlled Mini Cooper Coupé from BeeWi. This miniature car connects to all iOS, Windows and Android devices, enabling users to drive it using a smartphone or tablet.

The Mini Cooper Coupé is motion controlled through mobile orientation sensors, so users can simply tilt and turn a smartphone or tablet. And if you’re old-fashioned it comes with a button control interface as well. The Mini Cooper Coupé is powered by three AA batteries that provide users with up to three hours of continuous playtime, when within a 15 metre range.

Retailing at £39.99, the Mini Cooper Coupé is available online from Maplin.