Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to be a flabby mess of a human being. In fact some of biggest geeks out there are elite parkour practitioners – training day in and day out to perfect their spiderman impression. So in keeping with post-Christmas tradition we thought we’d look at a few fitness gadgets

Cycle Speaker
Price: £29.99


Ok I’ll at admit it. A boom box isn’t going to help you lose weight. Otherwise I’d be a svelte waif and Radio Raheem would be a mere slip of thing. But a boom box shaped like a cycling water bottle is a fun gadget thing that might encourage you to hit the road a little more. So that’s a good thing.

The Cycle Speaker is powered by Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries and delivers booming bass from just under your saddle. The Cycle Speaker comes with an FM radio, micro SD card slot (for putting your MP3’s directly onto the Cycle Speaker), speaker bag, USB charge cable and AUX cable and input for all ipods and other audio inputs, so it will play from almost anything.

It’s designed to fit in all bicycle drinks holders so it’s unobtrusive and won’t make your bike a target for thieves as at first glance it looks just like a drinks bottle. Obviously as it’s wired for sound the Cycle Speaker isn’t actually good for holding drinks. I’m also a little baffled as to when I get to use it as anyone blaring music through the streets of London is profoundly annoying. But I’m sure environmentally friendly demagogues will lap it up.