We played with the Snap Remote – a simple but elegant way to end the scourge of “selfies” on Facebook and Instagram. Devilishly simple, the Snap Remote is a tiny two-button remote control that works in conjuction with a free app to activate your smartphone shutter.

The second smaller button flips the camera in case you wanted to used the iPhones front-facing camera (or vice versa).

Inclded with the remote is a removable phone stand so you can prop it up on a steady surface and take a shot. It’s also possible to get quire creative with a Gorillapod and take some nice high angle or overhead shots. Or you can attach an Olloclip lens and make some interesting macro photography, without having to worry about camera shake. The remote works for distances of up to 3 metres – a usable distance for a smartphone camera.

The Snap Remote is coming soon from ThumbsUp.