We live in interesting times and smartphone manufacturers' constant battle to outdo one another makes it a wonderful time to be a consumer. Unlike conventional electronic devices, it's perfectly reasonable to upgrade your smartphone on a yearly cycle (buying devices upfront and the resale value of old smartphones makes this less crazy than it sounds), so there's a constant jostling for attention, with each new handset eagerly jumping and waving, shouting "pick me, I'm pretty". The new HTC ONE is a case in point, combining a compelling feature set, with great design. Want to know more? Of course you do. 
The HTC One is a sleek beast and its robust full metal body has the durability that you demand from high-end electronics, yet with tapered edges so it's comfortable to hold. The HTC is replete with little touches, including dual built-in microphones sense loud ambient noise and automatically offset in-call voice volume so you can still hear what is being said.
Because I'm old, I remember when the first camera phone (in the UK at least) was released and everyone thought that the small, practically unusable photographs were a fun novelty. Cut to over a decade later and mobile photography has become a serious business, with millions uploading amazing images to social networks constantly. The best camera is the one you have with you. Which in the case of the HTC One is also a great camera. The image sensors capture clear, striking images – even in low light, so you can immortalise late night moments of magic. As you'd expect, the HTC One shoots HD video, but you can also capture images whilst recording, something I've wished for on numerous occasions. Pressing the shutter automatically captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video, which is perfect if you want to catch a perfect impromptu moment.
Smartphones have all but killed Portable Media Players as they are excellent devices for media storage and playback – and thanks to the magic of streaming they have almost limitless capacity. The HTC One has amazing, dual frontal speakers and powerful amplifiers so you can sit with your friends in a park and party down – or gather around the wireless and listen to broadcasts like families in the 1930s. 
And in the spirit of "show, don't tell" here's a little video.






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