Mobile phone conversions often suffer from comparison – a great console game can often feel unsatisfying on a tablet or phone and are reminiscent Hollywood’s attempts to bring Alan Moore’s work to the screen. Deus Ex brings a console smash hit to iOS – with mixed results.

The game is hefty and requires 1.6GB free space to install. Downloads can take up to 10-15 minutes and the occasional wait for assets to download can be slightly frustrating.

However once you get going, Deus Ex looks fantastic – with smooth scrolling graphics that really pop on a Retina Display – be it on the iPhone or iPad. The heavily stylised grimy worlds and gritty characters are all fully evident and the graphical detail is such that you are able to be sucked into these people’s worlds. It’s easy to forget you’re playing on a tablet – especially on a visual level.

Square Enix have also done their best to enhance the mobile experience – there are a plethora of custom control configurations so you can fight or flee your way through an urban landscape with a degree of comfort – although rumoured physical gaming controller for iOS devices can’t get here fast enough.

Gameplay is also enjoyable – although the very nature of FPS touchscreen gaming introduces some frustrations. But over all Deus Ex: The Fall provides an immersive gaming experience – and hints at a bright future for tablet gaming.

Deus Ex: The Fall will is available for $6.99/£4.99/5.99€ from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or at Deus Ex: The Fall is compatible with iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod Touch 5 and above.