“I get by with a little help from my friends” is true whether you’re riding the coattails of your more talented friends in the Beatles or an innovative lighting system from Philips. Hue is so good it’s bananas – detailed control over your lights – including the timing, colour and combination – all tailor-made to suit your mood. We took a look at it here. Hue have expanded the range with the new Friends of Hue – a cool way to make your apartment look fresh out of a design catalogue.

Lightstrips are flexible and can be bent and attached to wherever your imagination takes you – whether you want to highlight the underside of the sofa or a picture frame or … well any particular 2 m section of your house. You can also set triggers using the hue app – so you can change tones according to time and circumstance – or via IFTTT.


Or if you want to go for big, bold colour statements there are the LivingColours Bloom Friends of Hue – a massive 120 lumen bulb with a 16 million colour palate that can be strategically placed pretty much anywhere to splash walls with colour or create relaxing accents.

The next generation Philips LivingColors Bloom, £66, and Philips LightStrips, £TBC, Friends of hue are available in Apple stores from 21st August 2013.