The Saidokā (side-car) is a curious beast. It’s an iPhone 5 charging dock that angles your phone at roughly the same height as your keyboard while you work. This is admittedly quite handy for seeing messages that haven’t worked their way into the cloud, or handy access to certain apps that you use every day. The Saidokā uses high-tech Japanese Micro-Suction rails across the bottom to easily dock and undock iPhones with a single hand. There’s also a bumper so you can pop your iPhone in, even if you’re using a case.

However, the Saidokā blocks access to the headphone port – an essential whilst I’m working. Also it’s £40, which is quite a lot for something that essentially holds your iPhone up at an angle. It is however very stylish.

Available in black or white, RRP £39.95.