Ever been tempted to try a new position in bed but found it too complicated? Or ever been in bed with someone and really wanted to check your phone? Well the Kama Xcitra app might be for you. Accompanying the Kama Xcitra book of 69 different sexual positions, the app uses augmented reality technology to create a 3D pop up, which you can rotate to see what goes where. You can also fiddle with the settings (romantic I know) so you can change the hair colour or skin tone of the 3D couple or have music playing in the background. The actual interface is a tad clunky and having to swipe through to the page you want on the app feels unnecessarily slow. There’s also an option to share your exploits on Facebook or Twitter but I have no idea why you’d want to.

If you’re in the middle of the act, I can think of nothing that would kill the mood more than whipping out a book and a smartphone. However, it’s probably a fun read for you and your partner and being able to watch the Ken & Barbie combo go through the motions via the app definitely adds the experience.

The Kama Xcitra is published by Xcite Books for the very reasonable price of £9.99. Out now.