The Karcher Window Vac is an odd looking beast and definitely one of the more niche gadgets we’ve had to play with. A window based vacuum cleaner, the Win Vac 60 takes a turbo powered approach to the squeegee. You may not have though the old soap and sponge needed much innovation but Karcher disagree and the Win Vac would definitely give George Formby something to sing about.

The Win Vac comes in two parts – a concentrated detergent with a really cool micro-fibre mop/spray combo, which makes it easy to clean windows – and the Win Vac that lets you dry off all the excess water without leaving any streaks.

The mop/spray side of things is easy to handle and great for scrubbing down windows – I have one in particular that had seen very little care or attention but was cleaned in minutes. The real magic however is the Win Vac. Sucking up all excess moisture it really does produce a squeaky clean finish. All the water is stored in a little tank at the front which is easy to pop off and chuck down the sink. It’s not particularly heavy or noisy to use and there’s little to no learning curve. There are two sized heads so you should easily be able to get around most surfaces.

The Win Vac is battery powered and can be up and running in about 2 hours. You can quite easily do all of a small flat on a single charge. It’s not just limited to windows – you can dry off tiles, or your car if you really desire.

At £70 it’s definitely more in the “nice to have” range of cleaning accessories but if you have a lot of windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces it does an amazing job of keeping them clean.