I’m an avid cyclist and have been since I was 13, but my desire to take my wit and brilliance into a dark, windowless writer’s room in LA finally forced me to learn how to drive. And much like salted caramel, I finally see what all the fuss has been about. Cars can be great, especially when they are rammed full of fancy technical innovations. So imagine my delight when I was introduced to Ford.com.

Ford have always been pioneers of car technology (literally for over a hundred years) and Ford.com is a great place to see whether they've been resting on their laurels. The site is a great showcase for the work of Ford's engineers and how they've tried to push the envelope for each of the company's brand pillars: Quality, Green, Safe and Smart.

Oh wonderful. A showcase for a car company's brand pillars! I'm sure most of you haven't raced off to the site mid-sentence. But Ford haven't just uploaded the powerpoint slides for their last shareholder presentation. Ford.com is a series of high-quality, dramatic and dare I say fun (yes I dare) videos that shows what the company is doing in various areas. 
Case in point is the EcoBoost engine – which is a high power, low emission, low consumption engine. Rather than tell you how good it is Ford show you, taking it for a spin on the infamous Nurburgring racing circuit – a level which I still resent on Gran Turismo 4.
Ford even manage to make parking interesting and dramatic, whilst showcasing the Active Park Assist – technology designed to make parallel parking pain and thing of the past. I would have been happy with someone taking their hands off the steering wheel and being magically guided backwards between two cars. Ford took it to the next level, driving to the top of the Shoreditch car park and having a stunt woman park test the Active Park Assist with the risk of plummeting to her doom. There's also a great video with a diver that you can check out for yourself.  
The site also shows off all the great little touches that go into Ford's car design – even simple things like stopping you from putting the wrong fuel into your vehicle. 
Take a visit to Ford.com and don't hesitate to share your thoughts about what you want from your cars. With any luck they might just make them a reality and help you Go Further
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