I’ve tried growing flowers and veggies on my balcony with varying degrees of commitment and success. Got some salad leaves, chillies and a couple of beetroot to show for it. When the weather’s nice the park usually calls, so that’s where the bbq’s most likely to happen. But with the days getting shorter and cooler, it’s good to have a backup plan. For the garden-less city dweller, the balcony bbq is that back-up plan. It doesn’t need much space and can be mounted onto the balcony railing or attached to a wall. It’s also portable, so if you just can’t bear to stay away from the park, just unhook it it and carry it with you. And when summer’s gone for good, you can still use the bbq as a plant container for those gardening projects.

Available at Firebox for £59.99 (with free delivery).