We have a play with the new Griffin Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case. It’s waterproof and one of the most serious iPhone 5 cases we’ve used in a while. Griffin have teamed up with Catalyst Lifestyle to produce an iPhone case that comes bundled with a crazy amount of instructions and “don’ts” attached. But your reward for following the letter of the law is the power to take your iPhone underwater, forever removing the fear of dropping your £500 smartphone in the toilet.

The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case is designed and tested to be waterproof down to 9.8 feet deep (3 meters). When I was a youngster I would always here a quip about the underwater pen – “but what would you write on”. However the case maintains the full functionality of the iPhone, so you can take photos (and if you have a dollar and a baby, you can recreate the cover of Nevermind), shoot videos, take calls and play audio underwater.

Everything is sealed on a super protective environment and there’s even an O-ring seal that you can inspect before you take the plunge. However the packaging is also plastered with “WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE” so make sure you’re confident in the seal before (literally) taking the plunge.

The case is extremely fiddly – as you’d expect from something that needs such precision. I’ve seen other waterproof iPhone 5 cases before but they’ve been practically unusable on land – either giant plastic boxes or carefully sealed bags. The Survivor is usable as a day-to-day case – a little thicker than a regular case but in line with most “tough” cases. Unfortunately for a tough case it also has a soft side and it’s very easy to break – especially if you remove the phone from the case like a normal human being instead of their preferred method of firm taps.

The Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 is now available for £59.99 from Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and www.griffintechnology.com