I know I’m far from normal, but the proliferation of wireless technology in my house is staggering at times. With all my flatmates’ consoles, TVs, laptops, smartphones and tablets hooked up to the internet – not to mention the smart light bulbs, wireless security cameras, Airplay speakers and such that are darting around the load on the network is heavier than ever. And we don’t just have more stuff – we do a lot more with it. Streaming from services such as Spotify, Netflix and iPlayer – often in high definition means that the workload of the average household router has exponentially increased in my lifetime.

So routers have had to up their game – and they have – or at least that’s the case with D-Link’s new Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router. The AC1750 rocks the new Wireless 802.11 AC which is three times faster than Wireless N (and I don’t even think of Wireless N as being that old).

Out of the box the AC1750 is certainly a winner in the looks department. The smooth, black cylindrical design almost resembles the new Mac Pro – it would probably be quite cool to see them side by side. The front power and connectivity indicators are recessed, implying they are buttons but pressing them is a fool’s errand.

Set up is a mixed bag. I tried to get it running using my iMac and ended up wasting an hour in tears and frustration. Macs simply don’t appear to be supported by D-Link – or even have their existence acknowledged. However, in a bizarre twist, iPhones are totally supported and you can set up your router in minutes using the Quick Router Setup app. It’s probably one of the easiest setup experiences I’ve ever had – even if you discount the crying hour I wasted running between my iMac and wall socket.

Apps are the way forward and you can monitor and control your network from your phone – including things like wireless D-Link cameras you might have hooked up. D-Link’s Cloud Services portal means you don’t even have to be on your home network to manage what’s happening – any unwarranted access or unsavoury websites.

There’s a USB port at the back so you can pop a storage device in the back and share all your media across your network (and access it from the cloud). This content can be viewed on all your laptops and regular computers but also on iOS and Android devices via an app.

Of course the headline feature is the wireless AC, which is as fast as promised – we had two devices using D-Link’s wireless AC adaptors running on the network streaming two different Netflix movies without any buffering and smooth playback, whilst two different tablets streamed Spotify playlists and an iPhone browsed some photos stored on the cloud drive. Everything ran smoothly, and without hiccup.

D-Link’s new Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router is out now. Check D-Link for d-tails.