I can speak in riddles and have an ear for languages so I've always fancied myself as cut out for working for the national security and information systems service GCHQ (which works in partnership with the Security Service (MI5) and Secret intelligence Service (MI6)). In fact I almost went for an interview until I discovered they were based in Cheltenham at a time when I was hell bent on living in London (which until I discovered New York was all the time).

If you're less stupid then I am you might want to turn your eye to GCHQ's latest challenge "'Can you Find it?'" You might remember last year they ran a codebreaking challenge "Can You Crack It". 
Intelligence agency hopefuls can pit their wits against 5 codes hidden across the web. These aren't just riddles of the "a man is found dead in a phone box with two small holes on either side" variety – GCHQ have thrown some of their top mathematical talent to the task to attract the smartest to a career of combating threats from cyberspace.
On top of a chance to protect and serve, a job at GCHQ could net you a salary between £26-£60k (depending on experience and qualifications). Not too shabby. 
If that's not enough (and if you're interested in hiring me £60k really is enough) the treasure-hunt also gives you access to a prize draw to win a Google Nexus 7 or a Raspberry Pi,
To answer the question: ‘Can You Find It?’ go online to www.canyoufindit.co.uk

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