Another year,another iPhone launch is upon us. As is the case with every iPhone launch, the outcry of “no new ideas” seems to swell to the point where I was expecting no one to be in the queue up for the launch. And in fact when I showed up 20 minutes before the phones went on sale there were only 5 guys in the line and 20 journalists. I’m the furthest thing from an Apple naysayer but even I had a flicker of doubt – “is Apple’s day in the sun finally over?”
Whilst that day may come, it’s not today. A quick check around the corner saw a gigantic queue that extended all the way along Hanover street and circle the park. The Apple faithful were out in their hundreds and eager to grab their golden iPhones.

My favorite thing is seeing the gaggle of Geniuses in warm up mode behind the closed doors. They have a hype man who delivers a rousing 15 minute speech, with clapping and cheers and really gets the team pumped about selling phones. Two Geniuses lingered by the door pretending to open it before shyly retreating, repeating this coy little dance 5 or 6 times.

And there’s something about the atmosphere that makes you forget for a brief moment that they are just buying a telephone.

I’m in a diner around the corner (having a marvelous breakfast laid on by Griffin) typing this up and waiting for my iPhone 5S to arrive in the post.